Hydraulic Crimping plier 25-300mm

Hydraulic Crimping plier 25-300mm

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Manual hydraulic pliers crimping pliers crimping pliers crimping tools 10-300mm2 12T

Crimping range: 25-300mm2

The most pressure: 12T

Maximum stroke: 22mm

Mold configuration:  25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300mm2

Crimp form: confining pressure

Features and functions

1.It is designed for hydraulic crimping on power cable and wire. The crimped conductor is tested in high conductivity and close contact so that its uneasy to break out and turn hot.

2.Open cut design for convenient operation.

3.Dies are quickly put on tube by double speed unit. Then compression force lift and automatically change to low speed. The operation finished with energy saving and time shorten.

4.The head could be rotated 180 degree freely for narrow space working.